I think of my paintings as territories. From accidental marks that can lead to unexpected shifts of imagination to patiently developing painting’s layers, I’ve been always fascinated with the brushwork’s capacity to conjure spaces, evoke ideas and abstract atmospheres.

My painting practice is a continuous effort for an expanding experience of immersion unfolding in time. Reliant on intuition, spontaneity and experimentation, immediacy and a response of the intuition I’m interested in how the external space affects the internal space. I try to paint where that intersection is.

Moving between perceptual ambiguities and evocation of otherness, I explore these fluctuating tensions not only through the concepts of distance, boundaries and space but also as a more extensive concepts of non-place/de-territorialised spaces of belonging underscored by contemporary issues of global displacement, issues of environmental nature and posthumanist understanding of histories.

It is somewhere between limits and possibilities of the brushwork, where gesture  can be seen both for its intrinsic properties and for its ability to imply fictive spaces, that the dialogue takes place.


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