I approach and consider my paintings as fluid and psychological territories moving between perceptual ambiguities, emotions and evocations of otherness. These emerge out of my inquiry into the boundaries and their vulnerability, specifically of how the external space affects the internal one, from personal to universal and vice versa. 

My work is informed by diverse and not necessary coherent ideas from quantum physics, psychology and music to observations looking for parallels to one’s own subjective self, experiences and states. Resulting paintings function as semi-open ecosystems of fragmented thoughts, doubts visualised, considerate decisions and impulsive responses forming somewhat intangible territories and in between zones. This in between-ness is a crucial element, allowing for simultaneity and permeability of chance and control and shifts from accidental marks to conjured spaces. The idea of ‘in between-ness’ also includes introspective and abstracted nonverbal experiences or unobvious narratives where a brushstroke is an active performer of an urge to communicate on visual and emotional levels. 

Aware of painting’s inherent contradictions, from escapist naiveties to psychological urgency in an ever increasing and omnipresent tensions of the world and one’s position in it, my work is also influenced by the expansive concept of non-place and de-territorialised spaces, underscored by contemporary issues of global displacement and belonging.

It is somewhere between limits and possibilities of the gesture that can be seen both for its intrinsic properties and for its ability to imply fictive spaces, that the dialogue takes place.


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