2023 - 24  (current) MA in Painting, Royal College of Arts, London, UK 
(Rose Finn-Kelcey Bursary & The Vice Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship)
2020 - 22  Turps Studio Programme, London, UK 
2012  MA in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, CZ

Solo exhibitions
2023 Amart Gallery, 'Small Infinities', Vienna, AT
2022 L.L.Contemporary, 'Breakthrough', Toronto, CA
2022 Husk Gallery, 'Shifting Places', Brussels, BE
2021 Amart Gallery, 'Landscapes', Vienna, AT
2020 Husk Gallery, 'Verge', Brussels, BE
2019 Industra Gallery, 'Temporary Neighborhoods', Brno, CZ
2019 Cin Cin Gallery, 'Seeing Triple', Bratislava, SK
2017 NICHE Gallery, 'Plethora and a Quiet World', Tokyo, JP

Selected group exhibitions
2024 The Bhavan, 'Transient Traces', London, UK
2024 Amart Gallery, 'Abstract on Paper', Vienna, AT
2023 L.L.Contemporary, 'Sunshine and Rain', Toronto, CA
2023 Adah Rose Gallery, 'Carte Blanche', Washington D.C., US
2023 Pragovka Gallery, 'Echo of the Depth in Space', Prague, CZ
2022 London Paint Club x Koppel Project, 'Selects pt.2', London, UK
2022 Studio West Gallery, 'Now Introducing', London, UK
2022 London Paint Club x Hoxton253, 'Select Pt.1', London, UK
2022 Abstract on Paper II, Amart Gallery, Vienna, AT
2022 Unit 1 Gallery, 'Contemporary British Painting Prize 2021', London, UK
2021 Huddersfield Art Gallery, 'Contemporary British Painting Prize 2021', Huddersfield, UK
2021 FiveSparks Arts Centre, 'Mediated Landscapes', Harvard, US
2021 Husk Gallery, 'Panta Rhei', Brussels, BE 
2021 Art Exchange Gallery, 'Of Other Places',Colchester, UK
2020 Husk Gallery, 'In Arcadia', Brussels, BE
2019 Amart Gallery,'Extension of Reality', Vienna, AT
2019 Medium Gallery, 'Night Walk, Day Sleep', Bratislava, SK
2019 Niche Gallery, 'Room with a View', Tokyo, JP
2019 Star Art Space at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, 'Muster Actions', Chongqing, CN
2016 Nedbalka Gallery, 'Painting 2016', Bratislava, SK
2016 DOT. Gallery, 'Subtilities', Bratislava, SK
2015 Nedbalka Gallery, 'Painting 2015', Bratislava, SK
2015 Galerie Skolska 28, 'Na hranici - Grenznah', Prague, CZ

Awards and competitions
2023 Shortlist, The Morrison and Foerster Art Prize, London, UK
2022 Shortlist, Now Introducing Prize 2022, London, UK
2021 Shortlist, Contemporary British Painting Prize 2021, London, UK 
2016 Painting Prize 2016, VUB Bank Foundation, SK
2015 Shortlist, Painting 2015, VUB Bank Foundation, SK

Press and publications
Landscape in contemporary Slovak painting (in Slovak), Beata Jablonska, Nitra Gallery, Nov 12th, 2020
Exhibition review, Gwennaëlle Gribaumont , Arts, Le Libre, Jun 3rd, 2020
Verge, Exhibition catalogue, Husk Gallery, 2020
Exhibition review, Damas Gruska,, May 3rd, 2019

2019 Shanjian Contemporary Art Space, Beijing, CN
2018 Banska St a nica Contemporary, Banska Stiavnica, SK
2018 Egon Schiele Art Centre, Cesky Krumlov, CZ
2016 BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, JP